​What coverages do you have on your current policy to protect your home? Will it cover you if you have a pipe explode, have hail damage, or if someone breaks a leg on your trampoline?  Does your coverage replace your 55" television at actual cash value (meaning depreciated), or is it at replacement cost? Do you need coverage in case of a flood? These are all considerations when determining the best insurance for you. 

Home ownership brings a lot of new worries to the table. Don't let worrying about your coverage be one of them. Talk to an agent today or swing by our office in Goodyear, AZ, to review your coverage. 

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Renter's make up more than 35% of households in Arizona, according to 2018 census statistics. Sadly, almost HALF of those renters lack protection for their belongings. Renter's insurance protects you if your apartment is broken into or if you have a house fire and everything is destroyed. Renters insurance policies average $15 a month, and it is a low cost way of making sure that you are protected in case of an emergency. 

The apartment complex or homeowner you are renting from has the protection in place for themselves in case something happens. However, their insurance doesn't protect you or your belongings. Rather than be held liable or have to pay out-of-pocket to replace all of your belongings, put renter's insurance in place today by talking to a local agent or coming in to our Goodyear, AZ office. 

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Did you know that most home and renter's policies only offer the most basic coverage for jewelry, antiques, and collectibles? Scheduled property insurance provides additional coverage for these items at a $0 deductible, and often also covers for accidental damage and loss, as opposed to the coverage on your homeowner's policy, which has a much more limited scope of coverages (the typical losses such as theft, fire, etc.).

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